Topshop Topman 2020

Topshop Topman (TS/TM) 2020 is a strategy project reporting our forecast for the next two years. Rather than the usual corporate identity I was asked to create something to impress the internal stakeholders. The outcome expands upon the recently updated TS/TM brand identity and is inspired by brutalism and publication trends.

I began with variations of the 2020 title and used a minimal, typographical approach to create impact and flow. By not limiting the guidelines too much, various aspects of the forecasting information can be expressed in its own best way, along with the aid of a range of carful colour choices. The design is easily adaptable for portrait documents and landscape presentations.

2020 Project_2.png
2020 Project_slides 26.jpg
2020 Project_slides 28.jpg
2020 Project_slides 210.jpg
2020 Project_slides 211.jpg
2020 Project_slides 214.jpg
2020 Project_slides 212.jpg
2020 Project_slides 213.jpg