Bitch Better Have My Money

My third contribution and second feature for F*ck Being Humble’s third event. Over 130 attendees, shared online with 800+ Instagram likes, and featured on the Dots ‘Today’ page. I am always so pleased to create artwork for these events, joined and inspired my so many talented individuals.


Let me blow your mind

Another submission for F*ck Being Humble for their second event with an amazing panel. This time my artwork was used to promote the event on The Dots ‘Today’ page

FBH_Aint no shame_Landscape.jpg



let me blow your mind

Poster submissions for F*ck Being Humble events held in Shoreditch by Stefanie Sword-Williams about self promotion.


Loose Leaf cover art

London Fields Radio, Wilton Way Cafe, Hackney


Animal Prints


Harry Potter Phone Backgrounds


two years




Drawn in a Corner


Drawn in a Corner Zine

zine 1.jpeg



Panda Paper

Panda Print.jpg

Forget Me Not

Forget me not.jpg

Glass Shelf

glass card-01-01-01.png